Friday, November 19, 2010

..a little chop, chop

My girls think that it is the coolest thing ever to have their very own salon right in their house. Well, it is actually my salon, but shhhh...we won't tell. The same routine happens every morning when we all spend time getting all ready for the day. Other than that Mom is always busy chopping away on someone else "making people look so pretty!" as my Mayzi would say.

Our little friend Suzie doll gets "the works" done constantly. She has got to be the favorite thing to play with at our house. She needs a rest now and then, and I have to hide her. Mayzi just can't quite grasp the concept that her hair won't grow back! And it is sad that she cannot speak, for if she could she just might object!

The funnest thing for me is the day when I say to my girls, " Who wants a haircut?" It is excitment to say the least. Call us strange but in this house we LoVe hair!

First up everytime and always is my little Mayzi. This makes her day to get a haircut. She has the cutest curls that who knows where they came from?

Trying so hard to hold still.

Isn't she so darling!

Next in line is my Taylie. Can you believe how great her hair has come back in! It is so amazing and fun to see it grow so much every month. Silly how much such a simple thing like hair can make you so gidddy!

She is a beauty beyond all measure!

Then it's Sunnie Soda's turn. This one took a few attempts and this footage is the last and final time. She is, however, getting the hang of sitting still.

So Pretty!

Maybe I was just meant to have girls. Dad never gets as excited to get a haircut. a little chop, chop and we are golden for a while longer!


  1. Oh my gosh Taylie's hair is amazing. What fun to see it coming in so beautifully! Your girls are just darling.

  2. What beauties! And Sunnies hair is blond as ever. :) You did good mom!

  3. SO STINKIN' CUTE! OH my gosh!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your cute girls! I miss seeing them. I can't wait to stop by and bring some Christmas goodies. You guys are so good to me. I can't believe Tator's sweet hair. She's so beautiful. Crazy Mazyi Moo and all her cute faces, and what the heck? Sunny looks like a little lady! You girls should all be models! Love ya! :)

  4. So darling! So gorgeous! So fabulous! And Taylie's hair is beautiful and I LOVE your hair too!!!