Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disney Day 6

Brace yourself. This is a long one. Hope you enjoy reading about us having a ton of fun!

This week has absolutely just flown by. There has been so much to see and even more to do. What a remarkable organization this Make-A-Wish Foundation is. We have been so deeply touched by all we have experienced. I want to say that Taylie sure did deserve it though. She went through something really horrible. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to spend this quality time together as a family. I love my little family so much more than I could ever express in words.

So this is pretty much the last day to really go anywhere to play. We have to fly out @ 2:00 tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to the long travel back, especially the plane ride. We'll think about that later because we have some more playing to do!

Today was a toss up. We still have ticket to Epcot, Hollywood, or Universal Studios. We decided that it was going to be Hollywood studios. This is one that I have been to before. I remember really enjoying it and so here we go......Again!!!

Welcome to our day @ Hollywood Studios!

Gotta have at least one photo of the family...right! Bret always feels funny asking someone to take our picture.

Talked Taylie into riding the Tower of Terror, with her Daddy of course.

This is what she thought of it after wards. Man, am I a mean Mom or what! She was very surprised with all the up and down. She told me that it hurt her bum a little bit. I felt terrible! Bret loved it and he assured me it wasn't that bad for her. Most of it she thought was fun!

Mayzi was so excited to see the same Barrel of Monkey's that we have at our house. Only that they were like so much bigger! Notice Taylie not happy with her Mom still. :(

Decided to ride something everyone could go on. Talk about fun! You just ride around in this car thing and shoot targets and aliens from Toy Story and such. It Tally's up your score at the end and we'll let's just say that with Sunnie riding on my lap I did terrible. Nowhere near Bret's score. So we switched Sunnie and he held her for round two, and yep, I still didn't to that great. He gave me a pretty hard time about this the rest of the day! Hunters...geez!

We needed a chance to sit down and rest, and get Sunnie fed and change her bum. So the girls voted and it was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show! Hot Dog, hot dog.........!

I think Taylie still likes me after all. She just wasn't so sure about any more rides. They chose our little family to be the honorary family. Which meant that we got to sit on the front row. The girls thought this was so cool, especially my Mayzi!

This is us trying to capture the entire family ourselves...almost, but not quite :)
We walked around and saw the Parade. A whole bunch of The Incredibles' characters, which was fun. We decided that we had done all that we were going too. It was only like 3:00 so we rushed back to the Village and played around there. Taylie still had some fun stuff she needed to do before we leave. Can't believe we leave tomorrow. Feels like it zoomed by sometimes, but I think my girls are tired. They have been going pretty hard core everyday! As soon as we would start driving all three of them would just zonk right out!

We of course need to get our swimming suits on. Tonight there is a huge pool party for everybody! We are excited for that later, but right now we have some being silly to do :)

It's a decoration...Fun huh! Hard as they could push it just wouldn't budge!

Still snoring. Old Elmer was always snoring. Mayzi always was the one to bring it to our attention.

First things first. Taylie needs to raise her star in the Castle of Miracles. Then all the rest can follow.

This was really fun. She received a star and then had a chance to write her name on it. Then we placed it is this fairy box and closed the lid. We watched it all come to life and start shaking. Then on three digital screens on the wall we watched the fairy take her star up to the sky. There are over 80,000 stars hanging in the Castle of Miracles. It was really neat.

Then it's time to make a pillow with this crazy machine. It was like they brought it out of a book or something. All they had to do was push and keep twisting and pushing buttons and levers etc until the pressure was right to pop out a pillow and then it did. Very fun for the girls.

Then we had to visit the La Ti Da Spa. Get the nails painted and a hand massage and a little painting on the arm. A Rocket! Of all things a girl could ask for. Not ponies or princesses or flowers, but a rocket. The girl painting it was cute. She painted it pink. That's my Taylie :)

Mayzi is so particular with her nails. She was cracking everyone up. Making sure things were done right, just the way she wanted it. She is so Hilarious!!!

We sat in the Castle of Miracles for a while and colored pictures and played with Lego's etc.

Thought it was cute watching Bret be really patient with all the feminine things going on. He waited like a real man in the My Little Pony Room. Not much choice when you have three girls :)
Then it was time for Miniature Golf! Was a lot of fun, especially the part where Mom won the game!

Mayzi really loved this big scary dinosaur! (well not actually)

You know the lovely cars that sit outside of stores and such. The kids always want to ride them and you never let it happen. Well, here at the village all you had to do was hop on in and push a button to get things started. You can probably guess how much time the girls spent driving and riding in them. When all you have time to do is play we did :)
This nice man had this cut little critter. They though it was real, and that's what made it so amusing for the rest of us. Everywhere you walked there was always something to see or somebody to visit with. Kindness was everywhere.
Then we were on to the pool party. Mayzi played in the sand while Taylie enjoyed the dancing with other children. Then we watched a magic show and then it was time to swim yet again. My girls love the water. How cool was it that we spent every evening winding down with a nice warm swim and then......
Ice Cream of course! This is the life, need I say more!

You might not believe me, but you reached the end of this day! It was a big day and we squoze in as much as we possibly could. Only one more day left and still a few things we haven't done yet. Keep reading as I bring our fabulous Make-A-Wish vacation to a close! I think I just shed a tear :( It's been a great week for the Abbott Family!

Sea World Day 5

Thought we might switch things up a bit today and take a break from the Disney end of things. When Taylie was in the hospital she loved to watch Free Willey. We would sit and talk about going to see the whales just like him. Crazy to think that we don't have to talk about it because we are here!

Not too much of a schedule planned for today. I think the tiredness is catching up a little with the girls.

Welcome to Sea World with The Abbott Family!

Learned that Shamu was alive and well even out of water ;-)

I loved the landscaping everywhere. The flowers and plant were just incredible! It was fun to see all kinds of different animals today.

The whale show was very cool. We didn't sit close enough to get wet though. I think we were all dragging a bit today. It got very hot today very fast! At the Dolphin show Taylie and Bret sat way close while me and the other two sat distant enough to stay dry. Let's say they got their wish and got plenty wet.

Didn't take long for us to get going. We spotted the Sting Rays and they were cool. We fed them little fishes. Mayzi, not so much, but Taylie was loving it. Notice the look of happy in her eyes! This is something she always wanted to come and do again.

We found the Dolphins soon enough. They gave us extra fish to feed them because we were on our Make a Wish!

We like Sea World!

Plenty of places to stop and just relax a spell.

So many aquariums and fish to see. My girls love to see fish...wonder why? Couldn't be influenced by their Daddy!

We went to see the Sea Lion and Otter Show. It was my favorite. There was a mime making fun of all the people that came in. We laughed and laughed!

A little lunch is a good thing. Had a few friendly squirrel visitors, which Mayzi thought was so cool.

Just Chillin...

We waited for the last Whale show to begin and then we hurried quick to see the rest of the park. All the Artic animals and the Sharks etc. Was really cool because we were like the only ones at the park. Like it was all to ourselves!

In our many ventures to the parks and such we always would pass this lovely store. Today though the Hot Donut sign was on and who could resist.......Not us! very yummy after a long fun day!

We did our usual nightly routine of making a mad dash to the pool, ate a little ice cream and brought home dinner to eat. Then we would crash on the couch for a bit and watch a movie until we fell asleep. Full tummies, happy kids = very happy parents!

Another great day for the books!