Wednesday, January 25, 2012

...and I'm back!

Let's just say that life has been super crazy for me. I love it and I wouldn't change a thing, except for the fact that I never take time to type anything on the computer anymore. I hope to at least make a new post at least 1 time a month this year. Now
that I said it I hope that I can live up to it.
Not that there are a lot of people that read our little blog or anything, but I really could keep better track of our going ons if I just
would take a little
time to
post it.

Let's start again....I'm Back!!

I'm going to sum up the end our 2011 for our family. After a very long pregnancy, our little girl#4 finally came to our family on November, 19, 2011. She was two days late and that is so typical for my babies.

She came so perfect weighing in at
6 lbs. 14 oz. 19.5
in long

Dark hair and blue eyes. After a long debate on a name we zoned in on Navy Grace Abbott. And it fits her beautifully!!

So life with three girls is no more...and we start a new year with four!

Christmas was over as fast as it came it seems. Why does that happen? None the less we had a very Merry One at that!

Had a chance to go on our annual little over-nighter to Salt Lake City and stay in a hotel with the girls. It is one of their most favorite things to do. :)

We visited Our very old unit of ICS
in Primary Children's Hospital and brought them some Christmas from us.

Then went to Temple Square to see the beautiful twinkling lights.

Turned out to be quite a night for the Abbott Family.

We ended up walking with all of the girls. (And yes mom forgot a stroller) It was cold and long and the girls were not too happy about the forever venture we took. It seemed like forever walking and then we finally made it. Spent a whole 20 min looking at lights while Mayzi had the biggest melt down about finding the perfect pink tree to take her picture by. Ended up never finding the right one for her. So off we went again on our trek back to the Hotel. Bret is the super Dad who had Sunnie on his shoulders and Mayzi in his arms. I had Navy in my arms and Taylie was an amazing trooper the whole time, and never complained once. Luckily on the venture back a very nice couple felt sorry for our little crying Mayzi and offered to carry her as we all walked together. I don't recall their names but they were heaven sent for sure and I think that was the only way we could have made it back and still been sane for the rest of the evening. One day my girls will look back and remember...and hopefully the memory is of all the fun and not the hard. It was worth it for me :)


  1. Congrats on baby girl #4! She is beautiful :) I'm excited to see some updates and pictures. Hope you and your family are having a Happy New Year!

  2. How fun to have 4 girls! You are going to love every minute with them! My kids ask about Taylie all of the time to see how she is doing and they were so excited to see on here how she is. Tell Brett hi for me. Hope you have a great year this year.


  3. Your family is so super cute! Navy is just beautiful! I'm sorry we didn't make it over around Christmas, but we had sickness in our home, and that's not a great gift to share! You are all so wonderful!!! :)

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