Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Beauties

These are my beauties! Sometimes you just get the grits and have to take a picture. What I love about looking at a simple picture is the many stories I see when I look into the eyes of my girls. The moments are endless..............and so priceless to me.

My Mayzi Moo

I love her curls. Everyday I look at them and say a big Thank-you! I still haven't the slightest clue where they came from. I especially love how much Mayzi loves them herself. "Look at my beautiful curls Mama!"
I love how she talks to me about everything. How her nonstop talking keeps me laughing every minute of each day. Her little mind so hard at work.
I love how she adores music and singing songs. I love to find her in a room just dancing and singing as content as you could possibly imagine.
I love how her little face expresses emotion. I love to watch her look at herself in the mirror and change her looks over and over again.
Just can't get enough of my Mayzer Moo!

Taylie Bug

I love your quiet smile. I love to stare at your face and see the expressiveness in your beautiful Big Brown Eyes. How by saying nothing you speak volumes.
I love your courage and drive for life. The way you keep going and going letting nothing get you down.
I love the way you look to me for help and reassurance's. How out of nowhere you just have to say,"I love you!"
I love your giggle. The way you voice your excitement. Saying things so loud and happy like everyone just needs to hear what you have to say.
I love your tender heart. You are truly genuine!
What would I do without my Taylie Bug!

Sunnie Soda

I love how you greet me each and every morning the same way with the BIGGEST smile across your face.
I love biting and nibbling on your rolls and chunky cheekers. You just taste so good to me.
I love the way you radiate sunshine nonstop throughout the day. Even in my saddest moments you give me a ray of shine that gives me the hope for the better.
I love the way you surprised me. The reason for you in my life is more than I can type in words.
Sunnie Soda, you light up my life!

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