Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter at our house

Easter Time is one of our favorite times of the year! We always enjoy the "Bunny" side of things. Coloring Eggs, hiding and seeking, eating way too much candy. You know all the good stuff! Mostly we enjoy being able to spend the time together. We are always reminded of the true and real meaning of this grand time. Moments when we gain a renewed understanding of Easter. These moments cannot be captured on camera, but remain ever so beautiful and humbling in our hearts. Being able to share with our girls the real meaning of Easter is wonderful. For this precious truth we are so thankful!

....but let me show you the moments we did catch on camera!

Easter morning! It really doesn't take much at our house to bring a smile on your face. Taylie and Mayzi re-hid their eggs for each other at least a dozen times. They each got a kite and it turned out to be the best day to fly one!

Ready, Set, Go find the eggs. These are the best days ever! Nothing beats good friends, lots of kids, a sunny day, and a little candy!

I love watching Bret color eggs every year with the girls. It always seem like it's just best that way. I enjoy sitting by and just enjoying with a big smile on my face. I get the biggest kick out of the fact that little hands end up being colored bright and beautiful even more than the Easter eggs!

Getting ready for the 1st annual Cherry Creek neighborhood Easter Egg hunt. Last year was the first trial run with this Easter Egg Hunt. It turned out so fun, we just had to do it again. Taylie new she wasn't going to be hiding the eggs, but she sure wanted to fill them with candy. She never seems to want to eat any. She could hide and seek for eggs over and over again!

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