Friday, June 11, 2010

Disney Day 2

So much to do. Saturday morning here we go....
Wake up and dress.
Pack the backpack.
Sunscreen up.
A little breakfast.

Round the carousel a few times....

and a few more times. My girls would have been totally okay with just riding this for hours.

I love this one because Mayzi wanted to ride the tall ones so badly, but they scared her to death. The Turtle and the Snail became her favorites.

We had to bribe the girls to get in the van. They didn't believe us that it's going to be way fun at Animal Kingdom today. They just don't know how much fun it will be yet. YIPPEE!!!

Lots and lots of walking and looking at animals and bugs and way cool stuff.

Ride Kilimanjaro became the favorite. We saw Monkeys and Zebras and Giraffes and Lions and Hippos and Rhinos and Elephants.....Lots and lots of animals. Taylie loved it the most. She had to always sit on the outside edge so she could be the closest to the animals. Crazy how close they really were too.

I think we got a picture of every animal on the safari ride, but I'm not going to show you them all. Mayzi thought that they were driving so crazy. She was so confused whether to be scared or think it was funny. That is so Mayzi!

Stop for a little lunch with my silly girls.

Next was the Lion King Show. If any of you have seen it you know how amazing it really is. I never took a picture because I was enjoying it so well myself. Taylie and Mayzi were dancing and clapping their hands the whole time and singing along. Was really very, very fun!

Went to a few more things and then back to the Safari ride to end the day. By the end of the ride both Taylie and Mayzi had fallen asleep. We happened to be on the front row right behind the driver and he laughed that maybe he was to boring that he put them to sleep! It was funny.

Headed back to the Village to rest, well that is hit the sack. I think we are not used to doing so much in one day. Have to say my girls are troopers. What a great day! See if we can top it tomorrow.

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