Saturday, June 12, 2010

Disney Day 4

When you play so hard the day before it's tough to wake up and get ready for the day. My girls love to sleep together. No matter how I put them in their beds they always end up snuggled up close together. It makes me so happy to see them like this!

Today will be a big day. We are heading out to Magic Kingdom today and it is a huge park.

Monday's are special to us. This is our orange day. We wear our orange to spread Leukemia awareness. Was very helpful later on too. We were so bright it was easy to keep us all together when the park got extra busy.

Was also amazing too how many people stopped and stared at us in our "I Want a Bad Hair Day" shirts. One of our dear friends we met at the hospital made up these awesome shirts. (Check out their site at because they are doing some cool stuff.) Many stopped and took pictures of us and told us about cancer situations in their family. People from all over the states. There is just a special bond and love that connects us all. Some very memorable experiences for us this day. Today ended up being my favorite one of them all. :) It was hard not to tear up on occasion.

Time is rushing by way too fast and there are still so many fun things waiting for us, but that doesn't mean we can't stop and eat a Chocolate covered Strawberry!

It's a special day at the Village today because Mickey and Minnie Mouse are coming to visit along with a few other characters. When we arrived at the village they gave Taylie a large stuffed Mickey that he would sign for her if she wanted. Mickey signed one foot and Minnie the other.

Very fun for my girls. Mayzi loves Minnie. Especially after the Make-A-Wish Party when she discovered that she was not scary!

We were able to spend a little extra time with them here and that made it nice. Not so crowded also.

Minnie loved Sunnie. Sunnie in the other hand was just wondering what was going on?

This was Taylie's wish...To go see Mickey Mouse. She loved seeing him!

When we walked outside we met up with Pluto. Mayzi calls him Hot Dog. She was so excited to see him she ran right up to him and yelled, "Hey Hot Dog, look at my dance!" She then started to do the hot dog, hot dog, hot digity dog dance. The funny thing, apart from her dancing was that Pluto had no idea that she was trying to get her attention. After three or so attempts, I intervened and got Pluto's attention and explained to him that she thinks his name is Hot Dog. Now that we were all straighted out we all started to dance the Hot Dog dance. Mayzi thought that this was so cool! We were all singing it the rest of the day :)

Next up was Goofy and he was awesome! Played his part well with the girls. Taylie and Mayzi loved seeing him. Myazi was doing her goofy face.

Mary Poppins was walking around ever so politely. Taylie watched Mary Poppins at one point in the hospital at least 2 times a day for like a week. Was really fun to see her up close. She even talked like the real Mary Poppins.

Can't leave the Village without a carousel ride or two.

And we are off to Magic Kingdom. Already it has been magical for me today! I love my girls so much!!! Words just can't express.

The choice to the park was on a train or a boat. The girls voted and it was boat! Secretly that was my first choice too.

Lots to see here. It is so huge. We walked a ton and covered pretty much all of it with a few exceptions.

My one thing here that I have always wanted to do was ride Splash Mountain. So I took Taylie first and then switched Bret and they went again. We got pretty wet:) Taylie loved it so much! She was barely tall enough for most of the rides. We rode pretty much everything we could. Mayzi and Sunnie fell asleep at this point and so we never got a picture of it but the memory is super.

Rode the Dumbo Ride

It's a Small World

This Jet ride, I'm not sure what it was called. Taylie wasn't tall enough for Space Mountain, rats!

Little Soda was awesome. She just loves to ride in the stroller. When she got tired she fell asleep. I really was amazed at how well she flowed with all the crazy, busy things we did!

That's my baby girl!

Rode the boat again back to the car.

Sang silly songs and had a nice crazy ride back to the village where we jumped quick and got our suits on for a night swim before bed.

Then a little more ice cream and then dinner. Hey why not, we're on vacation!

Then when all the energy is spent we sleep. What a fab, fab, fabulous day today! Can't wait for tomorrow. Sea World here we come!

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  1. Fun!!! I love your orange pictures. I think I am going to have to steal them for my website!