Friday, April 30, 2010

a day well spent

Do you ever feel like it just takes forever to get things done. Especially when you add children into the mix. We have been in this home officially for two years this month. Where has the time gone, really! We were getting things really moving last summer when it all broke loose with Taylie's diagnosis of cancer. Things were put on hold. Now we are home and it is time for grass, and a fence, and garden and dog kennel.......!

Right before it snowed a bunch of our neighbors decided to give us a helping hand and get the sprinklers put in. I was down at the hospital so I only got to see the finished product. It was so awesome how fast it was done. They all just hit it hard and it was a really nice thing to have done. This made it so great to not have to worry about this part of it. The list still seems so endless and you all know it just costs MONEY!!!

No worries though, we are putting in a Money Tree so that should help out....LoL!!!

Rocks always seem to just keep popping up all the time and that make endless raking and shoveling. If you don't hurry then the weeds will get the best of you too!

Just a few shots of the house...Getting ready for some curbingGetting a few things planted early. Ohhh, I can't wait for the produce. Last year we planted the garden and had to let all the neighborhood enjoy the fruits. We were just glad that it didn't go to waste.We still have to actually finish the house. A whole wall of rock that still needs to be done, Tongue and Groove sealing as well. That's what I get because I married a mason. He knows how to do it so well, but we are the last on the list when it comes to getting it done. Someday before we sell it hopefully.

This was Sunnie's first time to play in the dirt. Like my other two she absolutely loved every minute of it! Don't ya just love her outfit. Yes I put her in this. It was Monday so of course we are in our orange. Plus you just can't wear good clothes out in the dirt. It was funny though because I wasn't thinking about what old stuff I was putting on her. When I finally got a good look at her I all I could do was laugh. That's my Soda!Gotta have the dogs out too. Wouldn't make a complete Family night without them :)
We sure do love to go outside. My girls love it. Love it so much that this is the response I get when I say, "it's time to go inside!"

It never takes long to convince them of a nice tubber time. My girls love the tub almost as well as the outside.

Then it's a fast trip to Maverick for some hamburger buns.All tubbed and jammied we work on filling up the hungry tummies! Taylie loves her hamburgers. Just don't forget the bacon. That's my girls!One goes with Mom and stops outside to tell Daddy Night Night,One gets her hands on popcorn and eats the whole thing,One winds down with a movie and a homemade bed on the floor,and one just crashes! The last one works till he can't see to work anymore.
Finally we are all inside together to read some stories

.....and with that we end a fabulous day very well spent :-) Sure is nice to be at home!

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  1. Your house is beautiful! When we ever are able to sell ours and start fresh, we will have to hire Brett!