Sunday, April 11, 2010

....grandma, flip flops and bubblegum!

Oh, boy oh boy! Talk about a fun, fun day. Grandma Kris came to stay and party with us all day Friday and part of Saturday. Of course we have to do the needful things like color and cut Grandmas hair, eat, play toys and babies. We tried to fly our kites but the wind was being silly. They just kept bomb diving to the ground. We played in the dirt a little and took the dogs on a walk. We decided to go and do some shopping since Dad is out of town. Me and myself is not the biggest fan of shopping with three kids, but hey with a little help it might be okay!

You know how Grandma's are! They have to buy your kids anything and everything. We went to the dollar store and my girls were just dumping all kinds of stuff into the basket. It's a good thing they were getting ready to close or we might have bought the entire store. :)

What's summer time without flip flops. I am definitely a huge fan of them and I haven't made it to the store to buy the girls some yet this year. No worries though, Grandma made sure it happened. Talk about two way happy girls. Especially Mayzi. Every single person she passed by she had to get their attention and say, "Look at my new flip flops!" It was so hilarious, I tell you what! She is such a crack-up constantly. Now all mom needs to do is get her a new pair as well. Still plenty of time for that. On top of the flip flops Taylie and Mayzi had to have bubble gum as well. It just was a fun day of shopping and flip flopping around!

Grandma decided she wanted to buy the girls new Easter dresses as well. I am a good mom with good intentions but I just haven't gone anywhere yet since we have been home. Plus I'm not quite brave enough to take all three girls shopping with me. In good time. Bret has been out of town on his 10th Annual Golf Trip in St. George. He will be back on Sunday. When he gets home pay backs are due so I might get a little time alone to shop soon! :) Every mothers dream.

Sunday was the neatest day ever. This was to be the first time back to church for Taylie. She is so excited about it too. Usually she is a little shy about going to class alone. Not today! She was on her way and so happy about it. That's my girl! It was so hard to not tear up many times. What a grand thing it really was to be here at church again with all of my girls. It has been so long. We did have Taylie's Primary lesson in the hospital, but nothing beats the real deal. During the Fast and Testimony meeting Taylie needed to go potty. I took her out and while I was in with her she told me she wanted to go up and talk in the microphone! It really surprised me. I asked her what she was going to say. Her response was, "I'm going to surprise you Mom!" So as we walked back in we just walked up front. Let's just say my emotions were very close. She did such a beautiful job too at bearing Testimony of Jesus with a little help from Mom. I of course couldn't just sit down after that. It was such a beautiful day for me. One that I will never forget! Too bad Bret wasn't there to be a part of it with me. I have to add too that my girls looked so dang cute in their new dresses! Thanks to a super Grandma!

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  1. Yeah! Congratulations Taylie on being in remission! I have enjoyed reading and seeing all the cute pictures of your girls. You have such a sweet little family Lacey. I loved their cute Easter dresses!