Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mr. Fez

Last Friday we picked up the newest member of our family.

Isn't he cute!

Cute is actually only ONE of the words that describes him.

You know puppies....they are so much fun. We had to pick him up a whole week early, which was not expected. Does it really matter much? Well...
We found Fez in Payson, Utah . He is Liver and White English Springer Spaniel. Just barely 8 weeks old. Bret was going to pick him up on the way home from his Annual Golfing Trip to St. George. Also known as the PPGA or Piss Poor Golfers Adventure!

That's usually the way it works though...

Dad leaves, and Mom gets to stay home with all the kids and... why not throw in a puppy, just for kickers! :) Looks as if Mom might not be going anywhere this weekend. It's all good!

Our timing is beautiful isn't it? You would think we have enough on our plates right now. Bret's excuse for getting Fez is he is Taylie's dog. Taylie new we were thinking about another dog and the timing with her Remission Accomplished was perfect. It was pretty much a done deal in the making when the Dr. finally gave the OK! So here he is our newest member of the Abbott Family. As you can see here Mom is a sucker for him too!
Bret's been searching for the right puppy for a good year or two. It would be most ideal to have gotten him next year. Though, when we found him we really wanted him. We also discovered that it would be two more years before the Breeder was to have another liter. So that meant this was the year.
Bret and Taylie enjoying some Fez time!

Taylie is in heaven with Fez. She actually named him Fezter Wezter 2! We just call him Fez for short.

In all honestly his papered name is: Half to Hunt Phezan (Pheasants). Kinda all works though.

This is the main goal before Dad gets home. House train puppy. Get puppy to sit. Get puppy to stay. Get puppy to come. Do you think it will happen? We'll see!
I love the way Mayzi is with him. She is always asking me, "What's Fez doing Mama?"

This is the way I like to see him. Sleeping! He really hasn't been too bad so far. Keeping my fingers crossed though. So far today 0 accidents inside. :)

Welcome to the Abbott Fam Mr.Fez!!


  1. Puppies are so cute. I wish that they would stay that way, except then we might have a house full of them! I love that Taylie's hair is coming in...she (and all your girls) is sooo cute! Hope you have an uneventful time while your husband is away!

  2. Oh my gosh! I can't get enough of you guys! I just love you and your family so much! I hope all is well. I hope you know I think of you every day and I pray for your family every day. You have the best family in the entire world and our family looks up to yours!
    Please let us know if we can do anything for your amazing family!
    WE miss seeing your bright faces!