Friday, April 16, 2010

...a mess

Sometimes when I post things they always seem to turn out like I'm way positive and don't let anything get me down. In actuality I'm really a mess. The things I post are really for me. Telling myself to keep moving forward! Don't you dare give up! Breath because things are good!

Some days are just plain harder than others. For me it seems like I have my share of those hard days, as does everyone! Today is such a day. I'm struggling getting my life back together. It's so frustrating for me. I feel like a crazy Mom.

I just have to share my gratitude for you many, you know who you are, that are constantly stepping in to lend me a helping hand. You save me! My kids are always safe and taken care of like they were your own. When I'm being so spacey you seem to understand and never fault me for it. Nothing but love baby is what I have for you all!!

Today when everything was just not working inside so we went outside. I just had to leave it all and this is what I got to experience. Things really always get put back into perspective!

When we come back inside it's a mess again. Dirty hands and clothes, hungry belly's, and once again I feel way out numbered. There's just not enough Mom to go around.

I have to STOP, and tell myself:

Quit complaining.

Toughen up.

Keep trying.

Stop worrying so much.


Sometimes it's okay to just let it all go!

I see once more that it's all good, but I'm still a mess!!!


  1. Can't wait to see your cute smiling face tonight! Hang in there, we are all crazy moms that can't seem to get it together. You fit right in!!!

  2. I am so with you there Laci! Thanks for posting my feelings exact. It's okay to feel like a crazy mom because I do everyday. You have three kids and I only have one...So if anything, you are a hero to me!

  3. Lacey!
    You're not a crazy mom! You are a wonderful person that is, well. . . SUPER! You're "crazy moments" are everyone's normal life moments!

    You have done such amazing things, plus it takes a lot to get back to living a "normal" life after all you have been through. You are my hero, and honestly there isn't a day I don't think about Tator, Mazyi Moo, and the rest of the gang, and the example you show EVERYDAY. You are a blessing in my life, and so many others!

    Never forget that even in your worst "Crazy" moments you are AMAZING! When the weather gets better we would love to have you over to see our animals and have a cookout! Hang in there sweetie!

    If you ever need a free babysitter give me a call!